viernes, 16 de julio de 2010 News: Telemetry Box and Track Interface

Code TS01a : Telemetry Box. Playback lap times in real time in the driver's earphones. Further it allows to save the lap times and sectors times independently from the controller used and also to save telemetry data when connected to a SCP-01 controller. These data can then be downloaded and reviewed by a special application, Telemetry Box PC Interface, that can be free downloaded and installed on your PC.

PS: all the Telemetry Box will be sold with a default language of audio playback: English. You can change it using the software application cited above and choose one of the following languages: Italian, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French and Japanese (downloadable for free from

Code TS02a : Track Interface. This system interfaces the Telemetry Box to the track. Lap sensors and sector sensors presents on the track are to be connected to the Track Interface (DS bridge, dead band, Wincrono ...). Each Track Interface is able to handle two lanes and for each one of these lanes, two sensors (example: a lap sensor and a sector sensor, or two sector sensors). Through the double switch, you can decide which is the sensor of end lap and the sector one.
Code TS02b : Track to Telemetry Cable (sold separately - not currently available). It allows to connect a second Telemetry Box to a Track Interface (that is able to simultaneously manage two Telemetry Boxes and in TS02a's packaging there is only one cable TS02b that allows the use of a single Telemetry Box).
Code TS03a : Sector Time Expansion Cable (sold separately). If the user needs to manage more than one sector sensor for each lane, you need to connect several Track Interfaces. In particular, each Track Interface added allows to increase the number of sector sensors managed on each lane. This cable allows you to combine the output of two Track Interface together, creating in this way a single output to connect to the Track To Telemetry cable (TS02b).

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